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AirTerra Logo

AirTerra Rebrand

Logos & Branding

AirTerra Inc. is a biochar company located in Calgary, Alberta. They needed their brand to present the concept of charcoal as a soil supplement, with benefits to Earth’s ecology. We took those concepts and designed a new brand to help them fulfill their goal of bringing biochar to market.

What we worked on
  • Complete Rebrand
  • Print Collateral & Packaging
  • Responsive Web Design

Complete Rebrand

Provided with a new charcoal & sprout icon designed by Sarah Airriess, our goal was to use the icon in a new vision of the AirTerra brand. Revitilized with brighter colors and a cleaner font, we also added a fading circular outline around the icon to better emphasize the ecological benefit that biochar provides to the atmosphere.

Old AirTerra Logo
New Icon
Icon Illustration by Sarah Airriess
New Logo
New AirTerra Logo

Print Collateral

You thought print was dead, but people still need their business cards!
Rob Lavoie - President - Testimonial Photo
"We were able to dream out loud and blue sky what the online experience should look and feel like, then concentrate on the sound bites and necessary information pieces, while Heroics took care of the formatting and graphical layout. Thank you for making it easy and enjoyable!"
Rob Lavoie
President  |  AirTerra Inc.