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Trail Guide WebWorks Logo

Trail Guide WebWorks Brand

Logos & Branding

A web development consulting company in Oregon USA, Marta needed the branding for her new company to pivot on the theme of her expertise as a friendly trail guide in the gnarly world of WordPress website planning, development, and maintenance.

What we worked on
  • New Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Business Card Design

New Logo Design

The goal for Trail Guide WebWorks’ logo was to create a brand that conveyed a sense of journey that was both warm, and exciting. An enjoyable adventure with a definite destination and end goal, while also maintaining a clean and elegant look and feel. Warmer colors from nature were used to maintain the outdoorsy theme.

Trail Guide WebWorks - Demonstration - Initial Logo Sketch
Trail Guide WebWorks - Demonstration - Concept Logo Example
Trail Guide WebWorks - Demonstration - Final Logo
Initial Sketches of Trail Guide WebWorks Logo Concepts
Forest Scenery Background - Part of the Inspiration for the logo
Trail Guide WebWorks Logo - Brown Background
Trail Guide WebWorks Logo - White Background, Colored Text

The Importance of Guidelines

Your brand goes beyond your logo. It includes all areas of presentation that represent your business. That’s a large scope when you think about it, and having brand guidelines laid out for your business can make a huge difference with keeping your brand unified both in message and feel.

Clearspace around the logo

Positioning Example of Trail Guide WebWorks Logo

Brand Fonts

Font 1: Baron Neue

A bold choice for high visibility of the logo and is used as a main header font to communicate visual hierarchy.

Font 2: Pacifico

We chose this font to illustrate how they help their clients navigate the winding paths of the web.

Brand Colors

Trail Guide WebWorks - Brand Color 1

Sky Blue

Pantone: 644 c
Hex: 7eB0cc
Cmyk: 38 4 0 19
Trail Guide WebWorks - Brand Color 2

Dark Blue

Pantone: 7546 c
Hex: 425968
Cmyk: 33 4 0 72
Trail Guide WebWorks - Brand Color 3


Pantone: 5767 c
Hex: 949B50
Cmyk: 15 0 68 39
Trail Guide WebWorks - Brand Color 4

Dark Red

Pantone: 1815 c
Hex: 8a1f03
Cmyk: 0 90 100 51

Business Card Design

Photo 1: Trail Guide WebWorks Business Card Print Design
Photo 2: Trail Guide WebWorks Business Card Print Design
Marta Goertzen - Logo Development Project Testimonial Photo
"Layne was able to take my vague ideas for my logo and transform them into something I truly love. It turned out way better than I even imagined it could!"
Marta Goertzen