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Catching Fire Team Jerseys

Logo Design

As a members of an Ultimate Frisbee team we decided to create a jersey for our team as a personal project. The logo was designed to be reminicent of the “bird thing from that movie series” holding onto a disc. We then used the design on sport t-shirts and distributed to the team.

What we worked on
  • New Logo Design
  • Created Print Collateral

Logo Design

While strictly a personal project, we used a similar process to the process we use with our business clients.

sketch animation of catching fire logo

Icon Design Process

Usually our logo design process involves multiple initial sketch concepts that we then discuss with our client before moving desiging the logo further in vector format. In this case, we were able to get away with a single sketch before moving to vector.

Print Design

Brand Versatility

One of the key features for any brand is versatility: we design our brands to be usable in multiple contexts, layouts, and applications. Nothing is worse that putting a bunch of time and commitment into a logo that locks you in to using it in only certain scenarios.

sketch animation of catching fire logo